Okay so you know what I hate. When I give someone something because I thought they might like it,and hear them say to someone else that they don’t like it. It really hurts because i thought i was doing something great. I also hate when I bring someone food and they eat it, but they say how it could have been done better. I will ask if they like it, is it good,and then they say well next time put this on or do this, or blah blah blah. all i want to hear is it was good. yes i loved it. thank you so much you didn’t have to do that. It may sound like I’m only doing it for the praise and maybe so but i love taking care of people and i feel the greatest gift i could get back is a little praise of how good i did. I want to be appreciated verbally, and physically. I want to know that if i get you something that you could get for yourself that you could never thank me enough. I just want you to show you love me without telling me you love me. Is this asking too much now that I look at it, it could be but i don’t know.